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Tuesday, August 12, 2014

AnimeNext 2014 Panel (Videos)

 AnimeNext poster

On a personal note, as I've mentioned before, I hosted my very first Sasuke panel at an anime convention called AnimeNext.  The panel was named "Sasuke/Ninja Warrior Impact in the USA Market".  My goal was to cover the history of the event from it's inception in Sasuke 1 all the way to present using the lens of the foreign viewer. At long last I finally got the videos up on YouTube!

The first one I posted was a short 1 minute highlight reel of the convention grounds.  This also served as test footage to see if I can get videos on YouTube now that they were forcing people to convert to Google+.  Everyone knows I hate Google+ so I refused to convert to that (as my YouTube account predates Google's buyout), and I wasn't sure if I could upload again.  I can! I just can't comment on anything without being a Google+ member (and I refuse to be).  So I won't be commenting.  Trust me, no one needs me commenting on YouTube anyway. LOL!

The 2nd video is the actual panel itself. As you can tell from the run-time.. I barely made it in the 60 minutes allotted! LOL I had 2 staffers come up (you'll hear it in the video) and let me know how much time is left and I made it with about a minute left on my time. LOL!  I know now what to cut out, what to reorganize, what to add, etc. Obviously I see all my flaws and it irks me.  I guess you could call me a perfectionist.  Surprisingly though, people enjoyed it and asked for me to return next year.  I'm shocked... Then again, the biggest shock came from the fact that everyone in the room (with the exception of the 2 SMF members) came because they saw American Ninja Warrior and were curious about the original show.  Luckily I labeled the panel correctly and they knew what I was going to be talking about before they lined up to see the panel. I was surprised that I was given the largest of the fan panel rooms.  I'm happy the room was filled (shockingly some people were turned away..) and I didn't do a panel in an empty room! (which was my fear)  I'm even more surprised that everyone thought Sasuke was cancelled!  Seems NBC successfully pulled off the ruse. That's a common trend I keep hearing. TBS is also hearing that in Japan from their own viewers. Here in the USA the same thing is happening as ANW gets bigger.

All SMF Final!
2D2Will, Arsenette and tkdchamp2021 ©Arsenette

Special thanks to William Marchese from TwoDashTwo for recording (in glorious HD....) my panel from the front (projection screen and most of the video).  Hubby also did his bit on the side but I didn't have a tripod for him. (LOL)  You can tell the quality difference when I do the switch from my camera to William's camera.  The difference was stark! Either way, most people don't want to see my ugly mug so I'm eternally thankful to William for recording the screen.  It also helped me out greatly to fine tune the panel for the future as I can see where I can fix the issues I had as I was presenting. Also thanks to both both SMF'ers for driving out to help support me! Was nice finally meeting you guys face to face!

Yeah.. that ugly mug is me.. ©William Marchese

Finally, overall impression of the con was.. OMG THAT WAS A LOT OF PEOPLE! LOL (Just under 12,000 people I'm told) And, it was hot! You can tell from the two photos, I had my hair up in a pony tail most of the day then took it off for the panel.. omg I look horrible when I do that.. I need to commit to one or the other. I mean seriously.. if I'm going to do that I should own up to it and move on right?  (the photo above I was dying.. I had to sit down..  it was friggin' hot!) LOL But pleaaaaaase.. anyway I had fun, but I don't have the stamina to do a lot.  It was my very first anime convention and I'm happy I went. It was quite the learning experience.  I'm happy my body (and head) cooperated that I was able to do that event.  I did have fun with the panel though and ya'll know by now I can talk about Sasuke for hooooooooooourrrrrrrrs.. so imagine how difficult it was to make a concise presentation. That said, I knew there would be some new people, however I was surprised by the entire panel room filled with new Sasuke people! I was shocked!  It does give me a window as to how to tailor this panel for the future and what obstacles are left to overcome in educating the USA on the current state of Sasuke.  Challenge accepted!