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Friday, January 30, 2015

Indiegogo Update! Good news!

Just wanted to give you an update on the huge Indiegogo Fundraiser I'm doing trying to raise money to fly to Japan. I also did an update on the fundraiser website but wanted to update the blog as well.

As some of you know by now (as I've contacted the current backers - thank you so much!), this project has received incredible news.  Thanks to the generosity of a new contributor, the airfare to Japan will be covered!  That alone saves the project $4000 and removes a HUGE amount of stress.  With the biggest price tag and most difficult portion of the fundraiser now covered, I'm able to focus on reorganizing the trip to Sasuke 31!!

However, there is one outstanding problem. I cannot change the goal amount, the type of funding (it's currently fixed), nor the timeline for this project.  As a result, this current fundraiser will most likely fail on February 16th. If new options become available to change that, I'll update with information as soon as possible.

My plans are to relaunch a much smaller IndieGogo campaign on February 17th (or earlier if I'm allowed to close this one) to cover the costs of food, lodging, transportation (since I will be flying out of a different airport) and perk fulfillment. I will update everyone as soon as that becomes available.

In the miracle that I end up getting the full amount on this campaign (if it does go through February 16th), all extra monies will go the publishing/editing costs of the book I'm writing and additional perk fulfillment. I am not hopeful that will happen, however I'm explaining what would happen if that unlikely event should occur. I'm doing what I can to stay as transparent and honest about what will happen with YOUR money.

Thanks so much for the continued support and appreciate all the wonderful feedback everyone has been giving me. It's been very stressful recently and your words of encouragement has been lifting my spirits. I'm truly grateful.